It is with great honor to be invited and to witness the inauguration of the event and hear president Emmanuel Macron about geopolitical strategies on defense and security.

As I pursue business diplomacy and humanitarian initiatives internationally, it is my priority to build a strong network of resources in order to achieve humanitarian goals in developing economies.

I believe that with the advance technology present today, we will be able to reach the hardest parts of the world and make progress accessible to everyone.

Imagine a world where progress is accessible to anyone. The defense and security industry possesses one of the most advanced technologies today – if we are able to understand that, then we would be able to make these “progressive” developments create huge impacts to communities that are geographically and economically challenging to reach out to.

A Medivac helicopter (photo) is one of the most useful tools we can use for our missions. We are pursuing to encourage the use of such aircraft to provide a larger scale of aid –

It is our goal in BSM to deploy crisis and disaster response as what we are already doing in Ukraine, and have done in Afghanistan. Hence, being able to interact with the multiple leading private organizations present at the event is very important. It is important for them to be reminded that the scale of their technological powers are necessary to pursue our humanitarian goals of providing medical and evacuation care at high-risk areas which makes women and children more vulnerable to gender-based violence.

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