Update: March 19, 2022

In line with our Ukraine Task Force donation drive, I would like to thank our friends from the American Cathedral Paris and Hiligaynon Association for this wonderful collaboration.

We have collected a total of 4,539 medical and hygienic items, flour and canned goods which has been delivered straight to Ukraine.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all sponsors and givers to this drive!! Once again, I am impressed with the solidarity that we’ve built in this city. So thank you all very much!

The following text was an ANNOUNCEMENT: MARCH 3, 2022

In line with the ongoing war in Ukraine, our allies network reached out to us for help in providing goods as they sustain themselves in this crisis. Many have already volunteered and raised support for our brothers and sisters in the other side of Europe, but they still need as much help as they can. We are here to answer that call, and inviting everyone to cooperate and to join us in fulfilling this mission.

We are currently in need of the following:

  • dry flour, wheat flour
  • baby milk
  • canned goods
  • medicines
  • sleeping bags
  • personal hygiene items (baby diapers)

The drop-off schedule:

11th March, Friday from 9am onwards at the American Cathedral (23 avenue George V 75008 Paris, main entrance) ** Please call +33 7 69 91 37 68 before drop off.

For those wanting to donate financially, please feel free to donate below (here on our website). All funds raised will be used for the items mentioned above.

Thank you very much.

Together we can make history by #breakingsilence

Written by: Kyra Lüthi
Written by: Kyra Lüthi

Founder & President of BSM Global Association. She is also a public speaker, author and an entrepreneur. See more here.

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