It is with pride and honor that I share with you our participation in the Generation Equality Forum of the UN WOMEN.

We have been a Commitment Maker for more than a year now. With our programmatic commitment – the Digital Literacy Program, we are able to provide scholarships and employment opportunities for survivors of gender-based violence.

It is important to remember that as survivors usually come from difficult backgrounds, they have little to no access to digital skills. And so, we the BSM, formulated a module in cooperation with information and technology skills expert from Stanford University, a fellow Filipina Maria Beebe.

I would also like to thank our partners for making employment opportunities more accessible: Ildeme « Demee » Mahinay KochDonna Avellana KünzlerAllie GagalangMyla Pilao Eliel Etruiste Nikki Angeli Tuble

We will continue to expand this program in a larger, global scale.

Together we can make history by breaking silence.

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